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Who Will Be The Rising Star In EURO 2016? – EURO 2016 is coming and it is a highly time for us to know who is going to be the rising star in EURO 2016. As one of the biggest soccer live tournament on earth, EURO has been waited by many fans around the world. Everybody is expecting great matches from selected european countries to play in Paris this December. If you are one of those people expecting great matches from EURO 2016, then you are so in luck since EURO will be much more competitive than before this year. This is mainly because there will be 24 countries that will be competing in EURO this year. This is unusual since in the past there were only 16 countries which can compete in EURO. The qualification round for the EURO 2016 had just ended last November with Sweden and Ukraine got the last two spots in EURO 2016. There will be six groups. Group A will consist of France, Switzerland, Albania, and Romania. Group B will consist of England, Slovakia, Russia, and Wales. Group C will consist of Germany, Northern Ireland, Ukraine, and Poland. On the other hands, Group D will consist of Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Turkey. Group E will consist of Belgium, Sweden, Italy, and Republic of Ireland. Group F will consist of Portugal, Hungary, Iceland, and Austria.

Who Is Going To Shine Brightly In EURO 2016?

Speaking about who will be the rising star in EURO 2016 is going to be very hard. This is mainly because there are many top players with a lot of potentials this year. Germany, for instance, has some of the best players on earth, such as Thomas Muller, Toni Kroos, Marco Reus, and Mats Hummels. They are among the rising star in Germany football league. As the host country of the tournament, we cannot overlook the potential that France has. France has been the last host country which can win the game in 1984. That fact teels us that France has been a difficult host country to defeat. Besides, France has some great players, such as Paul Pogba, Hugo Lloris, Raphael Varane, Antoinne Griezmann, and  Loic Remy. On the otehr hands, there are also some young players, such as Kurt Zouma, Andre Rabiot, Florian Thauvin, and Kingsley Coman. As one of the best football country, Spain also gets some top players to win the cup, such as Koke, Isco, Thiago Alcantara, Nacho Fernandez, Ander Herrera, Munir El Haddadi, Cesc Fabregas, David Silva, and even Diego Costa. With these players, Spain will be a big threat for any country in EURO 2016.

How Is The Competition Going To Go In EURO 2016?

As there will be more countries to compete in EURO 2016, it has been predicted that the competition will be tougher this year. Even though Germany and France are perceived to be the most potential champion for EURO this year, that will not be easy. There are also Spain, Italy and many more countries which can make a surprise in the end. Let’s just wait and see who will be the rising star in EURO 2016.

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