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The star from Real Madrid will lead Wales to take part in the tournament since 1958 at the same time had a glorious chance in the Santiago Bernabeu. Last May, Bale with his team defeated Israel A draw does not change anything, Wales on the verge of securing a ticket to Euro 2016. Unless gets injured, Bale certainly will not follow in the footsteps of Ryan Giggs and George Best, the legend who never act in a major tournament. Actually, Coleman proved that he made the right decision in putting Bale in the squad. On October 10th 2015, Wales qualify for the finals of Euro 2016, their first major tournament since the 1958 World Cup. They were defeated by the host Bosnia- Herzegovina with score 2-0. The Wales’s success cannot be separated from two factors: discipline in defense and the brilliance of Gareth Bale. In the qualifying round, Wales only scored 11 goals, second fewest amount of goals after Albania as a country to qualify for France. However, Wales only conceded four goals, with half of them are crated from a score 2-0 defeated in Bosnia. There is the evident from the list of Goal Thrill List where Wales ranks third from the bottom, just ahead of Albania and Romania.

There are 10 qualification games that played by Wales team. And from those 10 games, they can create only 15 goals which are including 11 goals and 4 conceded goals. Wales has the obvious strategy such as play as close as possible behind, and then gives the ball to Bale as often and as quickly as possible. Although this tactic is very simple, the implementation on the ground turned out to be very effective. Bale has the highest number of shots than any other player in the qualifiers, with capable of scoring seven goals and two assists. That is, it contributes 89 percent to the Wales goal in qualifying. His goals are significant. The Real Madrid player scored the winning goal against Andorra with score 2-1, with Cyprus 1-0, and Belgium 1-0. Despite his physical condition often shackled and has always been a concern of Madrid, Bale missed only three minutes from ten qualifiers along with Wales. He just pulled out against Belgium because of suffering from cramps.

It can be denied that Gareth Bale has the special talents which are the same as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Bale’s ability is far above the average of other Wales squad players. The fact said that Wales have gone through 504 minutes without conceding so evidence of the power of teamwork and the importance of the organization of the game. But at the other end, Wales clearly depends on the ability of the individual. The last duel opposing Israel became evidence. But overall, the contribution from Gareth Bales for Wales in the team has decent thumbs up. And it had been shinier after against Bosnia and Andorra who drove the country to take part in a major tournament since 1958 Bale was involved in 89 percent of goals scored in Wales qualifying round. He created at least two-third goals by himself.

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