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Swing Tips for Beginner Golfer

The swing is one of the most basic and trusted sport. The most important move in golf that all players should master it. It us important to control your swing so that you will also be able to control your ball, whether you aim for long shot or for a short game. For beginners, it is relatively difficult when they have to control their swing since it needs a lot of practice and a correct stance to do a perfect swing. Here are some tips of doing swings for beginner golfer:

  1. Keep Your Hands Low

By keeping your hands low in the follow through will also keep the trajectory of your shot lower, which is a great thing if you want to get a long shot. The lower the hand the lower the ball will fly. Other things that can accomplish this is by moving the ball back in your stance as well as choosing a stronger club and try to swing easy. However, these two methods are a but complicated to do, especially for some one who just taken up golf. So, keeping the hands low on your finish is the best way possible to keep the ball flight to the minimum.

  1. Give Power from Your Body

The best source of power when you hit a golf ball comes from your body, not your hands. If you still your ha ds as the source power, this  ay be the cause y9u never hit a powerful ball. To learn how to use the power of your body and infuse it into your swing, put the club behind the ball at address and lock your body in the dead stop position. Without doing any back swing try to push the ball into the air. Do this repeatedly until you can do longer shot. If you are someone who use their hand to power their shots, you might struggle at first. However, the more you practice the more you get the grasp of this swing.

  1. Hinge for Power

Many beginner golfer have difficulties when they have to execute a crisp iron shot. This is due to two things. First, they have no proper hinge when they are doing back swing and second, the arms tend to swing too far when they are doing a backswing since they think it will give the shot more power. The power for iron shots should come from hinging of your hands. In order to get more power, a 45 degree angle should be achieved by the left arm and the club hand at setup. This will position the wrist at the necessary 90 degree position for a powerful shot.

  1. Give Your Slice the Elbow

When you are doing a slice, you should position your elbow in a correct manner so that the slice can be more successful. Some people prefers a flying right elbow when they are doing a slice which favors a fade ball flight. Some other players will use a tucked in elbow whenever they are slicing since it will feed to a draw. If you want to power up or simply practice your slicing to be better, then you should try the flying elbow position and when there is Golf, there is also what you call, gambling online golf and you could also try betting online golf.

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