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Sicbo is a fast-paced, worthy game that casino players that must play if they want a change of paced on the usual games that they are playing. It is one of the popular casino games in Asia. Invented by the Chinese. Players have to place their bets on a range of possible bet. which are classified as six varieties of bet type with each option have a multiply results of bets and odds. Payouts also varies depending on the casino. Adding a twist to the game, online super color sicbo comes in. So here Super Color Sicbo bet types you have to keep in mind before you play.

Super Color Sicbo bet types you have to keep in mind

Although the board might look complicated when you play sicbo online, the rules of the game is very simple. Three dice are thrown in a little card by a dealer. Players place their bets on the outcome of the throw. Example: the total sum of the three dice, any single number that appeared, two specific numbers displayed or a precise certain combination of the numbers. Each bets have a variety of payouts, which probability comes. Just like roulette, you place bets and many as you want. Adding twist on range of bets. color comes to it.

Bet Types to Remember

There are 12 innovative types of the game. Like the sic bo. It comes Big/Small. Small (S)which 3-19 including triple and 1:1 if the total is 13 then it’s a tie. Big (B) which is 20- 34 Includes triple and 1:1; it would be tie if total is 24.

Total is one of the easiest bet on the Sic Bo board. The range varies from 4 to 17(3 and 18 are covered by 1 and Triple 6). Payouts on each bets varies based and depending on the probability of each score that is happening. These are clearly shown on the betting squares. For instance, a total of 5 pays around 60 to 1 (or win 60 units per unit staked) wherein a sum of 10 or 11 pays outs 6 to 1 (win 6 for every 1 wage).

Since adding twist to the game is the color. players can be if its red, blue or green. A specific single color bet that is 1:1.

Specific Triple Color bet, three dice might be 3 reds, 3 blues or 3 greens which is 23:1.

Any Triple Color bet could be 23:1 like the specific Color bet but combination of it most likely falls into 7:1

On the other hand, three stars is 1:1 combination of dice. That can be possibly 3:1

Straight comes whereas as three consecutive numbers is shown after the dice has been thrown. It is a 25:1

Any Triple number that could be 1 – 1 – 1 to 12- 12 -12. chances are up to 130:1.

Specific Double number bet where two numbers are of the same color, either red, blue or green has an odd of 45:1

Any Double number which disregards the color either 1-1 to 12 – 12 has a chance of 11:4

Sometimes Chinese zodiacs are included in the game which has different ratios as well. Rat that is 3 – 8 has a 26:1 chance. Cow which is 9 – 11 has odds of 13:1. Tiger of 12 – 13 is 11:1. Rabbit of 14-15 has 8:1. Dragon which has 16-17 has 7:1. Horse of 20-21 is 6:1 Ram/Sheep of 22-23 has 7:1. Monkey of 24-25 has same rabbit ratio, 8:1. Rooster of 26-27 also like Tiger 11:1 and Lastly the Dog of 28-30 has 13:1.

Like a game of chances in top casino websites, every roll is no way related to the last. Applying strategies may help on staying the game which improves your odds and a chance of winning. Every roll is independent and has precise the same chance of an event can occur that you can win or lose.

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