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Squad of Ukraine that Will Play for EURO 2016 – Are there some great things that you are waiting for this year? Sure, the early year often makes you get more spirit since there will be the new resolution, new wishes, new things to wait, and of course the new yearly plan to do. That is also such the exciting things to wait for the exciting thing in this year. Perhaps you are also waiting for the great moment of football championship of the international scale this year. Sure, if you are the football lovers, you have been waiting for the middle of this year since in that time there will be EUFA European Championship 2016 which will be in France from June 10 up to July 10. Many people are excited to know all the preparation which is done, including the preparation which is done by each of the teams. There are about 24 teams there with many players who will be in France to play the matches. That is something good for you to get the complete information about it. Getting the updates regarding to the EURO preparation is such the great idea to enjoy during our free time. That is especially if you have your favourite football player and you are interested and knowing about the preparation of your favourite team regarding to face the matches of EURO ’16. That is so exciting to know anything about it no matter what team which you like the most and what is your prediction regarding to the championship which will be held in some months later.

If you are always in love with Ukraine, it is such a great and interesting thing to know many things about it. That is including the squad that will play for the team. Ukraine is listed to play in Group C with Poland, Gemarny, and Northern Ireland. Who will play for Ukraine as goalkeepers? You will find Andriy Pyatov, Denys Boyko, and more others there. Then, as the defenders, you will see Yaroslav Rakitskiy, Ivan Ordets, Yevhen Khacheridi, Vyacheslav Shevchuk, Mykola Morozyuk, and many others. Then, as the Midfielders of Ukraine, we will also see Antatoliy Tymoshchuk, Artem Gromov, Ivan Petriak, Denys Garmash, Ruslan Rotan, Yevhen Konoplyanka, and many more. Then, as the Forwards of this team, there will be Andriy Yarmolenko, Yevhen Seleznyov, Roman Zozulya, and many more. They are going to play for Ukraine in France for the event of EURO ’16. Surely, it is really interesting for you to enjoy the great match in June.

There are so many great and fun things to do and it becomes such the good idea for you to know anything there. That is the reason why many football lovers are interested in knowing who will play in this event. The information above might be really that great and interesting especially for you who are the fans of Ukraine. We can know that the players there have been selected well. Now, they are doing the best to prepare playing on the great international championship of EURO ’16. The coach for Ukraine is Mykhailo Fomenko. Hopefully, they do the best for reaching the best in EURO.

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