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Roulette is quite easy a game to play where you make simple bets hoping the ball lands on your chosen number several times when playing at live casino real money. This does not however imply that no useful roulette tips exist out there. On the contrary, Roulette tips – two betting strategy to lower house edge for you do exist particularly those relatively new to the intricacies of the game. Below are a number of pointers and tips that should enable you accentuate your returns as you play this casino game?

Roulette tips – two betting strategy to lower house edge

Simply put

As much as possible, go for the European roulette. American roulette is exciting and fun but European roulette presents better odds to players. This arise from the European wheel featuring thirty seven numbers that includes a zero while the American one has thirty eight numbers that include a zero and a double zero. This makes the European house edge two point seven percent compared to five point two six percent for American house edge.

Make a point of avoiding the Top Line Bet, which is infamous on the American roulette. This is because this bet involves numbers zero, zero zero, three, two, and one and it pays out at six to one odds. Other bets on this table have similar house edges but Top Line has less promising returns with its casino edge of about eight percent.

Most bets when you play online casino apps consist of similar house edges although picking appropriate bets could help in shaping a roulette game to a style of gambling you would prefer to enjoy. For those who prefer going on streaks, preferring slow winning or losing money, picking even bets represents the appropriate choices. For those who prefer taking big risks in search of opportunities to make off with small fortunes with luck, they should focus on making single bet numbers. For those preferring to win with most spins and do not mind making big losses, they should spread many bets everywhere on the table covering most of a wheel.

Roulette tips - two betting strategy to lower house edge

Roulette tips – two betting strategy to lower house edge

Dealers and Croupiers

Once a croupier has marked a winning number, they sweep losing bets of a table and proceed to win winning bets. Do not start to make a new bet until the dealer has completed paying winning bets. Also, do not try to pick up your bets until every winning wager has received its pay.

Standard Asian casino websites chips, unlike many casino games, have common usage in roulette. Should you wish to make a stop at a table of roulette to make a few bets fast, it is fine to use the casino chips. Should you however prefer to play a particular table for some time, standard etiquette demands exchanging chips into special roulette chips. Every player receives their unique color and on first receiving such chips, you will assign a value for each chip, commonly $1 through to $5.

A call bet is a bet in which you announce what you intend to do without placing your chips immediately at the right spot on a table. Such a bet may appear dramatic and make one feel high rolling. However, use call bets when it very necessary to place a bet at a table. In most casinos, this kind of bet is not allowed because technically, only those bets announced are accepted. It means needing to put up money for a bet fast after announcing a wager and never get into arguments dealers and croupiers.

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