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There are people who love to play on the beach. Some people enjoy playing with the water and the sands, while the other enjoy running along the beach or play the beach volley ball. Have you ever played this sport? On TV, you might have ever seen on movie or other program, where men and women wear swimming suit, but play volley ball near the beach. This is called beach volley ball. This sport is actually a good way to enjoy hot summer in the afternoon before the sunset. This sport is played by 2 teams where each team consists of 2 persons. Each team must try to make the ball does not fall on their floor. So each team must hit the ball above the net. The goal is to make other team cannot catch the ball and the ball hit the floor. Somebody is inviting you to join this sport and you have no idea how to play it? Don’t worry. Just read along and be ready for the game.

Some rules you need to know in the beach volley ball

When somebody does the block, and the block hits the net or other person, it will be counted as one hit. In this sport, getting through the other team’s floor by crossing under the net is not a collision as long as it does not bother the other team’s moves. You should also know the term “open hand dinks”. This term means you throw the ball to the other team using only the tips of your fingers. Even when the volley ball is held in a room, this technique is ok to be used. When it comes to serve, each person in a team does it in accordance. But there is no player changing needed. So, in this sport, the player cannot be changes for whatever reason. This is the other thing you should know in beach volley ball game, each player is on their own position. There is no certain position that should be obeyed. So, everyone can be free choosing their own position as long as they can give good shot and defend their team from losing.

Usually, in the beach volley ball, the players are barefooted. But this can be optional. The players may decide it themselves, or the rules say so. This sport is played in 3 sets. So, the team who win 2 sets is the winner. In each set, there are 21 points that should be reached. And then, in the first 2 sets, there will be 2 additional points. While in the 3rd set, the game will only reach 15 points plus 2 additional points. The suits for this sport can also be optional. Two pieces bikini or full body suit are suggested. But now most women wear short pants and shirt. Are you following so far? This sounds easy and fun, isn’t it? This sport can also be a good ways of spending winter with a lot of sweat.

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