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Casino games have developed a lot of interesting games recently. They develop familiar and popular games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and they develop unique and good game Super Color Sic Bo. Some bettors do not familiar with this game. For your information, this game is the development of Sic Bo game. It is interesting, isn’t it? So do not waste your time to Play Super Color Sic Bo and Earn a Lot of Profits.

Play Super Color Sic Bo and Earn a Lot of Profits

As I mentioned above that Super Color Sic Bo is the new modification of Sic Bo game. This game come from China and gains its popularity among gambler in East Asia and Macau.

Play Super Color Sic Bo and Earn a Lot of Profits

Play Super Color Sic Bo and Earn a Lot of Profits

Super Color Sic Bo uses three dices even if the meaning of Sic Bo is pair of dice. Moreover, some casino provides live streaming video with live dealer in the game. It helps the bettor to feel the sensation of playing in land based casino.

Understand How to Play

Each casino games has its own rule to play and how to get win on the game. Super Color Sic Bo uses three dices and each side of the dices carry its own colour.

Even though the name is super colour, it does not mean that you use many colours. There are only three colours in this game, red, blue and green. Red colour indicates number 1, 4, 9, and 12.Green colour is used in number 3, 6, 7 and 10 and the last but not least is blue colour. It is used in number 2, 5, 8 and 11.

Understand the Betting Types

It is essential to know the betting types in this game. Even though you are professional bettors and you do not know the betting types, you will gain loss during the game. It helps you to plan your strategy and control your bankroll.

The type of betting is based on betting numbers, colour bets, special bets and betting number combination. There are twelve betting types in this game:

  • Single number
  • Two betting number
  • Odd Bet
  • Even Bet
  • Big Bet
  • Small Bet
  • Triple Betting Number
  • Triple Colour Bet
  • Three Stars
  • Specific Single Colour
  • Specific Double Colour
  • Specific Triple Colour

How to Consider the Best Payout

You may get confused with those 12 types and do not get idea which one consider as good bet. Do not worry we will give some information about it.

Specific colour, single bet, and double bet are considered as the good bets. Those three bets give great payout and high chance of winning. The specific single colour bet has 1:1 payout meanwhile both single and double bet has 3:1 payout. For your information, the highest payout in this game is 130:1.

Super Colour free bet sicbo has a great variant choices. It gives you freedom to choose where you want to place bet on this game. After you know what Super Color Sic Bo is, understand the types of betting is, understand the best pay out is, do not hesitate to Play Super Color Sic Bo and Earn a Lot of Profits.

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