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Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. The fun card game is the favorite of many people so it is available in most entertainment centers, including the online game centers on the social media Facebook. Millions of people play blackjack on Facebook every month. They love playing Blackjack in this social media because they can share their achievement and experience of playing the card game to all friends on Facebook.

For the fans of blackjack on Facebook, Online Blackjack playing is fun and they can have great social experience in playing the casino game. The players can experience the best forum in sharing the game through this social blackjack, for each player must have the social network made from their friends. If a player has a big network on Facebook, he/ she will always get someone that is online and wants to join the card game playing. Even the fun game of blackjack has made many groups on Facebook that set special times for the members to play the card game and other online casino games together.

Tips to Play Blackjack

Some tips and trick below may help you to play better on Blackjack;

–       Never split two 10s. The total value of 20 is excellent. Actually, the goal is 21 but it will be a hard situation for the dealers to beat because they should have 21 to win.

–       Always split two 8s. You should split two 8s, even the dealer have an ace, because it makes 16; the worst value in this card game. You will have a better chance to get one hand to win by splitting the two 8s.

–       Don’t Split two 5s. You will make 10 with two 5s. In this situation, make double down is a good decision. Ask one card and you would have the chance to make 20.

The Free or Paid Blackjack to Play

Most Blackjack applications on Facebook are available free to play, yet each player can choose which type to play the free or the paid one. Some Blackjack apps on the social media are available in paid options. In the paid options, the players can play the card game to win Facebook credits or even the real cash prizes. There are many options of online Blackjack game applications available on Facebook. It is not surprising as the increasing of Facebook users and many of them are potential players. Some of the best Blackjack apps that can be accessed from your smartphone too are such as Blackjack Ultimate, 50 cents Blackjack, Blackjack Madness, Zynga Blackjack, and many more.

Blackjack Tournaments on Facebook

The greatest factor that makes Blackjack on Facebook is very popular is because it is fun. The players can be very entertained with the card game since they can win the game with their best strategies, share the results to the friends on Facebook, as well as challenge the friends to play on Facebook tournaments. You and the friends on network can play together and prove your ability in the Facebook Blackjack as well.

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