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Being in the field of volleyball is both exciting and challenging particularly on how they are to balance personal and career life. However, there are these players that are capable of excelling both on their football career and personal life and one of them would be Philip Lahm. Read on the article to learn more about this amazing football player.

Philipp Lahm: His Personal Life and Football Career

He is considered as the fearless captain of the German National Team. Philipp Lahm was born on the 11th day of November in 1983. He is a very popular professional footballer playing as right back or defensive midfielder for the Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. As the captain of the club, he skippered them to numbers of great honours such as the UEFA Champions League in 2013 being part of the Treble. He led the national team to FIFA World Cup in 2014 right before he decided to retire from international football. Lahm is also considered as one among the best players in his generation.

Philipp-Lahm-His-Personal-Life-and-Football-Career QQ288

In addition to that, Philipp Lahm, though right footed has the ability to play into both sides of the pitch because of his versatility and tactical intelligence. He as well cuts from the flank oftentimes inside the pitch to either pass or shoot the ball. But he is famous because of his technique, pace, stamina as well as precise tackling abilities and having small stature he earned a nickname called Magic Dwarf.

The Football Player Personal Life

He is also considered as one of the best defenders of the generation wherein he had played almost 113 games for Germany into an international career which started February 2004 wherein they win over Croatia with 2-1 as score. But though considered as defender, Philipp Lahm also scored five times for his team. However, during the final there was a mistake between the goalkeeper named Jens Lehmann and Lahm causing the game to be in favor with Spain. He also battle back from numbers of serious injuries. As he return in Stuttgart to Bayern, Lahm had a torn cruciate ligament that kept him out for almost six months. And at the same time, he as well suffered from stress fracture of the foot.

Apart from that, Bayern also imposed biggest disciplinary fine against this player in November 2009 where it was reported to be over 25, 000 euros wherein he provided a newspaper interview while criticising the policy and tactics of the club with regards to transfer. However, he was still made as the club campaign in 2011 and then led the German team to the Champions League in 2013. German title and also the triple triumph in the German Cup.

However, life for him is not about football. Philipp Lahm married Claudia Schattenberg on 2010 wherein it was only couple of day’s right after the world cup. And they have a son named Julian. He also loves playing golf, tennis, darts and snooker aside from playing football. Indeed, he is a versatile man that could balance both his personal life and football career as well.

Philipp Lahm is indeed a talented defender and also an honored captain. It might not be easy to replace him as a player and a captain still he decided to leave international football. This is due to the reason that he want to give way to the young ones and be remembered through his passion and talent that always burn in every manner. In fact, German football history will forever be associated with the name of its captain Philipp Lahm who won the World Cup and also won the heart of those football fanatics.

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