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Moutinho Drove Portugal to EURO 2016 – Portugal 1-0 wins over Denmark in Euro 2016. With this victory Portugal secure a place in the finals of Euro 2016 in France. Despite playing at home against Denmark often troublesome host defense Portugal. Morten Olsen’s squad playing straightforwardly and openly dared to apply pressure. Instead, rely on Ronaldo’s Portugal are often difficult to disassemble line behind Denmark. 16 minutes Denmark had the opportunity to open the scoring. Starting from behind the attacks Bendtner who escaped from the convoy Portugal defender managed to enter the penalty box. Unfortunately, the kick was wide away from goalkeeper Rui Patrício. 30 minutes into the Portugal began to control the game. Attack through Nani and Fábio Coentrão from the field makes Denmark defender overwhelmed. A chance to come by Joao Moutinho, but his shot was too far away from the Danish goal. Nani obtained the best chance, but his header was thwarted goalposts. Up ahead of the first half ended, Portugal and Denmark still trouble his opponent’s goalkeeper. The first half ended goalless. In the second half Portugal try again dominate the game. Two minutes of the game has been running hard kick Ronaldo can still be driven goalkeeper Schmeichel. Portugal finally able to break the Danish goal on 66 minutes hard kick Moutinho from a considerable distance this time failed dammed Schmeichel. Five minutes later Portugal almost added a victory. However, Bernardo Silva shot inches wide to the side of the net. Meanwhile, Denmark actually also needed a victory in this game, trying to get out of pressure Portugal. However, their attacks easily defeated Portugal defender. Winning one goal Portugal tried to lower the tempo of the game. Even so, Ronaldo and his friends are still able to create some dangerous chances. But, until the game ends 1-0 remain unchanged. Portugal played badly against Argentina in a test match at Old Trafford Stadium, Wednesday morning. But fortunately, Portugal seized with Lady Luck to beat Argentina 1-0. Fierce running game, Argentina spread threats beforehand. Kick Angel Di Maria from the front of the box in the fifth minute almost tore wicket Portugal. Unfortunately, the ball was wide to the right of the goalkeeper Beto. Five minutes later Lionel Messi’s turn to threaten. Barcelona star effort but unfortunately it did not meet the target. Only rely on Cristiano Ronaldo, the Selecção difficult to build an attack. Even until the 15th minute, Portugal has not been able to dismantle the defense of the Samba Team. Selecção finally had a chance to threaten the goal Argentina. In the 28th minute, Ronaldo taking individual action inside the penalty box which ended with a hard kick left foot. But his shot has not met the target. 40th minute, Moutinho release the feed side of the right side of the defense team of Tango. Ronaldo leads to the ball, but the keeper Guzman deftly cut the ball. Two minutes later, there was chaos in the penalty box Team Tango. Ronaldo, who tried to take advantage of opportunities to kick off? But he does not hit the ball, but kicked the defender’s chest Argentina, Lucas Biglia. Until dispersal no goal is created at Old Trafford.


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