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Playing online card games is always the best thing to do in your free time. But if someday you feel that Solitaire bores the hell out of you and Poker is starting to mess with your finance, you might want to try playing Maganic Warriors. Maganic Warriors is an adventure card games that will allow you to be a Hero and combat the bad guys. Adventure based card online casino games is very challenging and absolutely will be your next favorite.


The graphic is simple yet attractive with cute Heroes in chibi form. What you need to do in this online casino game is very simple. You will have a deck of cards with different kind of powers. You use this card to protect yourself and also to defeat the enemies. As you level up, the enemies will get stronger, but you will also be equipped with more worthy cards to strengthen your power.

You can choose between one player and multiplayer options. In multiplayer option, you will play against another real live player. It can be more difficult to beat real live player since they may have more powerful cards and higher level. But the rewards will also be better than the single player option.

Tips and Tricks

Strategy is essential in this card games. To ensure a win, you will need good cards on your deck. It will be beneficial to buy more powerful cards with Gems, but you can also protect yourself with lower level cards. Just make sure you stock a lot of cards that can replenish your energy and drain your enemy’s. To create more damaging attack, make sure you attack with Elemental cards one after another.

In-app Purchases

This game is free with some features you can purchase with real money. To win the game, you need to stock plenty of powerful cards and you will need Gold and Gems to buy it. You can acquire Gold and Gems as rewards after winning each round, but Gems are rarely come out. Unfortunately, the best cards can only be bought using Gems, so if you really need to win a round, there’s no other choice but to spend your real money to buy Gems. As you level up and the enemies are getting stronger, there would be no choice but start investing in Gems to keep your winning streak.

Campaign Mode

In campaign mode, your Hero will jump from one story to another where the stories are not interconnected. You will face different kind of enemies with higher and higher difficulties after each round. And since the rewards will grow bigger too, this is a good chance for you to collect the Collectibles and acquire a lot of Gold.

Overall, Maganic Warriors is a terrific trading card games. This is a brand new alternative for those who like RPG and card games. It might frustrate some people who don’t want to spend real money to buy Gold and Gems, but the gameplay is very interesting to keep you engaged to it. Maganic Warriors is planned to have a feature where you can play against your Facebook friend. If you have a friend you secretly want to burn virtually, I bet you are really waiting for this feature.

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