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As a setter, you hold the most powerful and vital position in the beach volleyball team. This is also the most frustrating position. The main task of a setter is to give feedback to smasher in order to carry out attacks through sharp and deadly smash. It may sound simple but with strict rules of beach volleyball, beach setting techniques has become an important skill to master. If the setter has less capabilities, the team and game will definitely mess up. A setter must have excelent skills. Here’s some techniques to change a good to great beach volleyball setter.

Good setting techniques

Setters sometimes forget to keep an eye on their own techniques. If the hitter does not convert and passer does not perform, it is very easy to blame others. It will be a different story if you are working on achieving the best technique on every set. This will enable you to save a bad pass or give hitters an easy set. Here’s the technique:

  • Once you are ready, open your legs slightly wider.
  • Make sure your body weight evenly on the ball to the foot to the arch. Do not concentrate weight too far forward or backward as this will make you difficult to change direction.
  • The leg that is closest to the net should be slightly in front of the other. This will slightly rotate your shoulders and hips and help keep the set from drifting too tight or over the net.
  • Raise your hand to the forehead and cock your wrists to anticipate.
  • Keep your hands and fingers firm and point your elbows out at an angle of between 45 and 90 degrees.
  • When you set up, use all of your fingers. Use ring finger and little finger to help stabilize the ball.
  • Take the set in your forehead and use your entire body to push the ball toward the hitter.
  • Follow up with your hand after the ball is released. This helps maintain the correct trajectory.

The tip

It is often used by setter who receive too tight feedback. You have to do it pretty fast. When performing the tip, use a firm hand and a quick wrist. You can do a tip with both hands and direct the ball to the front, rear, or center of the field.

The jump set

This is a setter’s great tool  that creates many advantages. You can reach the ball faster, do set shoots easier, and fool your opponent who thinks you are going to attack. When you do jump set, make sure the position of your feet are under the ball to make the jump set accurately. Use the same body position and hands as you do when set on the ground. Set the ball when you reach the peak of your jump. The key of this technique is practice and practice. This ability does not come naturally and requires a lot of hard work and time to master.

Saving the net pass

Your first step is to save the ball. Look at where the ball will touch the net and position yourselves underneath. Bend your knees and wait for the ball so that you can make a bump set.

Keep an eye on where the ball will make contact with the net. If the ball hits the net high, there is a possibility that the ball will roll into the net and you have to stay close to the net to create this drama.

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