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Being able to stride forward or backward is not enough if you want to be a good hockey player. Every stride must end in full stop, and this stopping technique is something that not all beginner gambling online ice hockey players successfully grasp. Although you can stop by hitting the board or by turning around to the side opposite of the one you are striding to, using board or making a 360-degree turn when stopping sounds like cheating, right? Proper stopping is a technique that needs mastering if you want to be a real hockey player.

If you skate slowly, stopping can easily be done by pointing your toes inward and letting the friction gradually stop you. This technique is often called snowplow. In a hockey game, where you have to move fast, snowplow is not an effective technique to stop. When you have to stop or turn abruptly when performing high-speed skating, you have to use more advanced techniques to bring your fast-moving body to a complete halt.

Stop by Turning

To achieve an abrupt halt after a fast skate, you need to take a turning position either to the right or to the left at the end of your skate. The direction of your turn is defined by the following two factors.

  1. It can be defined by the direction to which you want to move after you stop. In a hockey game, you will obviously not stop for too long. You have to decide what you want to do immediately after you stop. If you want to move to the left, you should take a turning position to the left when you try to stop. The same rule also applies when you want to turn right.
  2. It can be defined by the strength of your foot. Some hockey players are stronger when stopping using one foot over another. If your right foot is stronger, you will likely want to stop by turning to the left (your right foot at the outside).

A proper hockey stop is done by turning your body 90 degrees (not 360 degrees) either to the right or to the left. By doing this you peel the ice to generate as much as possible friction that will bring you to a standstill.

Turning Technique

To turn for a stop, you should pivot your hip either to the right or to the left. Your skates will follow your gesture and turn on their own. Be sure to keep the momentum moving in the direction to which you are skating. If you fail to do this, instead of stopping, you will turn. When peeling the ice, you can use either or both skates. If you use both skates, due to the leaning of your body, you will peel the ice with the inside edge of your outside skate and the outside edge of your inside skate. If you use only one skate to peel the ice, you will have to work harder because you have only one skate to bear the entire weight of your body. However, if you use your stronger foot, the other foot that you don’t use for stopping is free to get ready for another maneuver.

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