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There is no more interesting discussion in beach volleyball other than spiking. Spectators will give tremendous appreciation if both teams show high speed shots in sharp elevation angle. An explosive spike is like a double-edged sword for both teams. A team can get their spirit back just because one of the members can drop the ball with a hard spike. On the contrary, the atmosphere of a team can be chaotic when the opponent had dropped a sharp spike into their area. In addition, a good or bad player is often seen from his spike productivity.

However, the spike technique in beach volleyball is somewhat different from spiking indoor. You can talk about taking 3 or 4 steps in indoor volleyball with ease during spiking. However, spiking in the sand is not an easy task. You need different amount of steps to get into the right jump and hit position. To get it, you have to practice regularly. Here is a basic exercise to train hard spike in beach volleyball.
Starting step – ran to the ball

This starting step is ​​the key to success to get into the next step in managing other spiking movements. This phase will also determine the spike’s strength and accuracy results. In general, it is ​​done within 2 to 4 meters of net or where the ball fall. The most decisive thing is when starting to jump, smasher has to adjust the position of the foot by taking a 2-3 foot step before making a leap. Based on the last step there are two kinds of step techniques, namely:

  • Right long step followed by left adjustment step (right footed) to produce a cross and hard spike.
  • Left long step followed by right adjustment step (wrong footed) for right-handed smasher and has the advantage of enhancing achievement.

Repulsion and jump – take off

When doing repulsion, smasher uses muscle contractions in order to obtain a movement that relies on the strength of knee joints, ankles and hips. When jumping, smasher will show explosive movements sourced from leg muscle strength. If the repulsion is done correctly, it will produce high jump.
Hit the ball when suspended in the air
When in the air, the hitter did rotational motion backward in preparation for making a stroke. This rotational motion is intended to reduce the moment of inertia of the body that can result in increased angular velocity before the hand hit the ball. Rotation is done is by doing the hyper-extension of the body, the hips and shoulders do rotational motion into lateral direction. This motion allows the hitter to have a sufficient distance to swing a blow.


This stage is more on the player safety after jumping and floating in the air. Sometimes, the jump is conducted at full strength, which is based in the joints. It can result injuries to the player due to the body’s imbalance while landing if they are not paying attention to a good landing techniques.
Tips for beach volleyball spiking

Once you pass, step toward the net as little as possible. Use long strides than short choppy steps. When playing the game indoor, you can jump wide or drifting towards the net while jumping to hit. If you do it in the sand, you may be trapped and cannot get out of it so it is good if you jump straight up.


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