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To play Uno online then you can use many methods. To play Uno online is not difficult. You only need internet and computer in order to play Uno online. If you are already used to play Uno card then you will not rush in Uno play online. How to play Uno online is similar to the card game Uno normally. This game has a very attractive appearance because colorful and has many interesting features. You will not play alone because there are two other players who will play with you. But the two players this is not original player as your opponent is the computer. If you still do not understand the game then you can pay attention to the instructions on this game. The game is very easy, you just need to eliminate or discard cards you have before your opponent removes his card. If you have omitted the other card and the rest of the card, then you have to pronounce Uno. Lest you forget to say Uno because you have to take 2 cards if you forget. The game is very interesting and fun. You will forget how long you play this game. Uno online will save your score and displayed in the game. You can get a big score if successfully beat the other players.

The Rules of Uno Online

The following rules in Uno online:
1. each player will be given 7 cards at the start of the game. Uno Online consists of 3 rounds, and each round you have to precede another opponent to get rid of cards you have. You can match this card is based on the colors, symbols or numbers contained on the card.
2. If you do not have a card that can be played then you should take another card. You have to take the card until the card can be played. This is what will make you long for a win in this game. You can press pass if you do not want to play with the cards that you take.
3. Once the cards you have to stay one then you must press Uno. Don’t forget to press the button Uno. If you forget, then you must take 2 cards from the card pile and eliminates the card back.

The Features of Uno Online

The following features that are on Uno online:
1. Reverse
This feature allows you to change the player that would eliminate the next card. This reverse mark using the arrows, you can press the reverse this if you want to change the players who will play.
2. Skip Card
if you do not want to play, then you can skip pressing this card. You can use a card that you play with matching colors, numbers or symbols as appropriate. If there is no corresponding symbol then you can press the skip button card.
3. Wild
this button allows replacing the existing color in this game. You have to press this button with caution. If you do not have the same color as the main card then you can press this button. Uno online game can use the button to get rid of wild cards you have the same color choice.


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