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How to finish Turkish delight on Farmville 2? This question will appear out of your mind especially for you who just started this game. There is Turkish delight part you will find. Then you have to also finish this mission in order to reach higher level. This mission also can be used to get the new equipment for your farm.

So, do you want to know some tips and tricks to finish this session? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about them for you. Let’s find out your best reference only here.

Some Materials

For your information, on this project you will also need some materials or items. Those items can be collected after finishing some tasks too. Well, here are some materials you have to prepare.

  • Black Tea Plant

You can get this one after harvesting it. This plant can be harvested after you wait it for 4 hours. You will also need some coins about 40. Then, this project result can be also used for your hen’s supplies.

  • Trees

You will need Linden tree about 12 farm bucks and Pistachio tree about 12 farm bucks too.

  • Animals

There are some animals you have to prepare. Those animals are:

  • 33 farm bucks of Jacob sheep
  • 34 farm bucks of Daglic sheep
  • 24 farm bucks of infant Jacob sheep
  • 21 farm bucks of infant Daglic sheep
  • 36 farm bucks of Denizli chicken
  • 19 farm bucks of infant Denizli chicken
  • Decoration

Here are some decorations you will need on this project:

  • 14 farm bucks of Anatolian scarecrow
  • 16 farm bucks of commemorative horse woods
  • 6 farm bucks of ottoman table
  • 12 farm bucks of Turkish tea
  • 2,500 coins of Turkish water jug

How to Get Those All Items?

Well, you can purchase them all at the store. This project can be done on 20 days. After finishing them, you can be able to continue Turkish delights by making 3 kinds of dishes according to the suitable theme you get. What are those dishes?

First of all, you can make kunefe. You will need 2 butter and 14 pistachios. Then, you can mix flour and butter to be kunefe dough. Meanwhile for getting pistachios, you can get it from pistachios tree with 12 farm bucks. If you can deliver Kunefe, you will get 3,840 coins and 122 XP.

The second recipe for you is pistachios. You will need 7 pistachios. Don’t forget to also add lemon water. You can have lemon water by using a glass of water and two lemons. This dish will give you 2,460 coins and 65 XP.

Last, you can make Turkish tea. You will need 13 sugar and 12 black tea leaves. You can get sugar by requesting it to your friends. Meanwhile tea can be got from tea plant with 40 coins. Well, you can sell this tea about 2,000 coins and 11 XP. Finally, those are all some reviews about how to finish Turkish delight on Farmville 2.

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