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Each casino games offers rewards and bonuses for all member including VIP members in casino Malaysia website

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There are numerous kinds of stars online slots game which are available in the online casino website. However, if you are finding for the top one, Extra Stars is interesting slot game from EGT which is worth to try. The star of the game happens to be the wild star which has ability to extend and include any reel it lays on. It also can be swapped with other symbols in order to produce additional prizes. The prizes can be bartered with coins up to 20000. There are still many others impressive bonus game and features which consist of Jackpot Cards and Double-Your-Money Gamble. It offers various kinds of credit bets and credit values. This slot game becomes the star of since it can be played through your favourite gadgets.

Quite similar with other kinds of EGT slot game, Extra Stars also appears to be simple. It comes with 5 x 3 reel grid which designed simply. Those who play in order to get many prizes and bonuses are able to finish the game faster without being disturbed by fancy animations. It is easier to grab the opportunity to increase your prizes. There are a lot of star prizes that you can win. The fruits symbols such as small cherries and common lemons are considered as stars that the values can reach up to 2000 coins. Your stars can keep improving with wide variety of fruits you get. Plums and oranges are worth 3000 coins. Melons and grapes can reach up to 4000 coins. Other fruits like bananas contribute to 10000 coins. The stars which are available range from 7’s up to 20000 coins. The Wild Star can be found in three reels which are 2, 3 and 4. When it is discovered, it can include all the reels and multiply the prizes. While the Wild Star got expanded, you can get one re-spin to obtain more prizes. After any spin, you can obtain Jackpot Cards Feature that consists of 12 cards. Each of the cards provides an instant bonus. You can keep earning the prizes and end the bonuses until you get three cards with similar suit. Total coins under 7000 can be gambled via Gamble Feature. To multiply the amount of money, you need to determine whether the cards have black colour or red colour.

Extra Stars also provide extra impressive stakes. Like other great slot online casino games, this one also offers players with various kinds of experience and budgets to choose from. There are 10 pay-lines on every spin that players can use. However, those amounts happen to be stakes with different ranges of credit values start from 0.01 coins to 1.0 coin. Meanwhile, the credit bets range from 10 up to 200. The quality of stars in the game should not be doubted since it comes with no frills all thrills like other EGT slot games. It does not only provide covered prizes but also three impressive bonuses and features that help you to achieve big win in the game.

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