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Euro 2016: Spain

Now that the qualifying rounds and the play off round of the Euro 2016 are done, people are focusing on analyzing which qualified teams that have the biggest chances at winning the championship. The qualified teams are now playing on the pre final friendship matches, as well as a mean to prepare the team for the final tournaments. During the qualifying and play off rounds, people started to categorize the teams as favorites, dark horses, new comers, and even the outsiders, all based on the results of the matches each team played. Spain, the winner of the two previous Euro championship, is nominated as the favorite team to win the championship again this year.The team spain in Euro 2016 is one of the top teams that will compete at Euro 2016,many people will make this as profile for them to have good bets in some online sports betting sites like in Malaysian soccer sites.

  1. Spain Overview

Spain is considered as one of the favorites to win the championship since the team has won the previous two Euro championship in succession. Even though they went home early during the World Cup championship two years ago and they stumbled against Slovakia in the qualifying match, Spain is righting themselves again and is preparing for the matches in the final tournament. However, their special ‘tiki-taka’ tactics that bring them winning matches after matches have already been decoded by tacticians from many teams so that it is no longer as effective as in the past. Now, football fans all over the world are anticipating how Spain team is doing against the new challenges in the Euro 2016.

  1. History in the Tournament

Spain first enter the tournament in 1960 where they came out as a quarter finalist. In the next Championship in 1964, Spain won the cup for the first time ever. Since then, Spain was only able to get the runner ups as best and even did not qualify in the 1992 championship, until eight years ago. After they defeat Germany by 0-1, they won their second Euro Championship Cup. The next Euro t9urnament is also won by Spain after they defeat Italy with 4-0 score. The Euro 2016 is where Spain seek their third successive wins and fans from all over the world are eager to see how Spain plays in the final tournament against other teams.

  1. The Spain Squad

Vicente del Bosque still coaching the national Spain team and is one of the best coach that Spain ever has after succeeding in bringing the Spain team to win the Euro Championship and the World Cup multiple times. The trust place in del Bosque dimmed somehow after the Spain team lost in the group matches of the World Cup two years ago. However, the doubt in del Bosque gradually fading after the national team played quite excellently in the qualifying matches for Euro 2016. The team itself is full of world renowned star and the defenders line up is no longer as dependent on the Barcelona player as it used to be. The squad of Spain is considered quite young this year since there are only a few players that are over 30 years old with Iker Casillas as the oldest player and as the captain.

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