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England made the qualification for UEFA EURO 2016, as we all expected, and they settle on the third rank of all team participants. Looking back, the national team has a long history to tell and not all of it is glorious. Considering that EURO 2016 is an international championship, let’s see how England is doing on the level.

Despite the fact that the team is filled with talented players from the very beginning, they made only one title for FIFA World Cup record. They didn’t enter the game until the year 1950. They made it to group stage that year but nothing more. In 1966, the country was selected has host and their national team won the championship for the first time ever. They didn’t make the qualification for the two following championship, and they could only manage on fourth place in 1990. There is nothing special since then. During the last championship in 2014, they only made it for group stage.

As for the UEFA EURO record, the national team can do it better. They didn’t enter the 1960 championship and didn’t made the qualification on the following one. They first entered the game in 1968 when they were selected as host and got the third place. They didn’t make the qualification on the two following games, but they got into semi final and got the third place in 1996. They didn’t make any better achievement yet since then even though they made it to fifth position of the rank twice. The later championships got them not more than group stage and quarter finals.

This year in EURO 2016, the national team brings the whole squad to prove their worth. The team consists of six goalkeepers including Fraser Forster, 12 defenders, 16 midfielders, and 11 forwards. This is a pretty big team with scary formation for rivals. This team brings along their best goalkeepers like Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck, Theo Walcott, Harry Kane, and Ross Barkley. Those players are worldwide known as young football player with high paying skill and achievement. They should be enough threat for other teams. Their coach, Roy Hodgson believes this team will make a different achievement this time. We should expect some surprises starting from now then.

For this EURO 2016 competition, England has quite a record we should consider. For the recent campaigns alone, England made it to Semi Finals on 1994/96 season, and made it to final tournament on the next one. In 2002-2004 season, England got into the quarter finals even though they only got on qualification round on the next season. They made it again to quarter final on the next season. In total, England made 127 appearances with 75 winning, 33 draw, and 19 lose for the EURO alone. As for the FIFA record, England made 164 appearances with 95 winning, 42 draw, and 27 lose.

It appears that the national team brings the best of them this time. They are going to be the toughest team to defeat, and one of those with most possibility of winning. They are going to face Russia in June 11, 2016 and the match will be totally entertaining.

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