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Can Germany Win The EURO 2016? – If you are a huge fan of the Germany for EURO 2016, then you should know Germany squad in EURO 2016. As one of the biggest football country with a lot of achievements, Germany presence in EURO 2016 has been one of the most-waited country on the field. Even though Germany is predicted as the most promising winner of the EURO 2016, that will not be easy. This is mainly because EURO 2016 will has a different rule. Unlike the previous rule which stipulate that only 16 countries which can compete in EURO, there will be 24 countries which can take part in the biggest football tournament in Europe. The qualification round of the EURO 2016 had just ended in November last year with 24 countries as the participant of the tournament. There will be six groups in this EURO 2016. France, Romania, and Switzerland will be in Group A. England, Russia, and Slovakia will be in Group B. Germany, and Northern Ireland will be in Group C. On the other hands, Group D will include Spain and Croatia. Group E will include Italy, and Sweden. Lastly, Group F will include Portugal, Austria, and Hungary.

Looking At Germany Squad In EURO 2016

As one of the most potential winner of the EURO 2016 this year, it is highly important for us to know about Germany players who will be playing in Paris next December. As a football country, Germany has a great history in football. Germany won the 1996 EURO and 2014 World Cup. The coach of the Germany national team, Joachim Low, has stated that he will be very selective to recruit the players who will be playing for Germany in EURO this year. However, there are several names that will be predicted to be playing for Germany squad, such as Thomas Muller, Marco Reus, Mats Hummels, Toni Kroos, and Mario Gotze. Thomas Muller and Marco Reus are considered to be two brightest rising star that will be Germany’s strength in making goals against its opponent. Thomas Muller, for instance, has kicked nine goals into the opponent’s gate in the nine qualifiers. Aside from these, some otehr names are also considered to be in the Germany squad are Emre Can, Mesut Ozil, and bastian Schweinsteiger.

Germany’s Chance In EURO 2016

Speaking about Germany’s chance in winning EURO This year cannot be easy. This is mainly because there will be more countries that can play in EURO. It means that there will be more rivals for Germany to defeat to win the cup. Aside from that, France is the host country of this cup. The crowd will be supporting France national team and that is one of the strength that makes France win the 1984 EURO even though the team is not the favorite one to win the cup. As long as Joachim Low can do what he does during the 2014 World Cup, germany squad in euro 2016 can still win the cup this year.

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