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The Basketball Match Result between Lakers and Nuggets – For you who are the lovers of the basketball, of course, the various basketball matches will make you feel curious. That is especially if you have your favorite basketball teams. You want to know much more about the result of the matches of your favorite team. That will be something good for you to deal know much about the match. That is including if you are the fans of Lakers. Of course, you want to know much more about the match which is done by the team, for example by enjoying the live of the basketball match. That is including the basketball match of Lakers in the continuation NBA which is completely interesting to know about the result and also to know about the match. It will be something interesting for the basketball lovers, especially for Lakers team fans to know about the match. That is about the match of the continuation NBA of Lakers and Nuggets. If you are really interested in knowing about the match, it is a good thing for reading this article till end to get the info and also the report regarding to the match which was held in Denver Nuggets rendezvous, in Pepsi Center.

The match was held in this Wednesday, December 23 2015. That becomes the match which has been waiting for by so many people especially the lovers of both teams, Lakers and Nuggets. It can be seen from the enthusiasm of so many lovers which want to watch the match and also who want to know about the result of the match.

So, what is the result regarding to that game? Sure, it is the great good news for the Lakers fans since they win the game from Nuggets. The score is 111 – 107. Even though the difference of the score is not that really significant it becomes the great and exciting thing for Lakers and of course for the fans.

In that game, Lakers starts the first quarter of the game with the not so good performance. That is why many people do not think that they would be the winner of the game. Kobe Bryan and friends have to deal with the defeat with the score of 26 – 34. Of course 26 are for Lakers and 34 are for Nuggets.

Then, what about the second quarter? The performance of Lakers was still not that good enough. They still have no significant improvement in that second quarter. So, they have to admit their defeat again for this quarter with the score of 51, and 64 for Nuggets.

In the third quarter, Lakers could improve their performance and never give up. Then, as the result, they can obtain the great score of 83 and 80 for Nuggets. Lakers won the game for the third quarter then. As like what often happens in the last quarter, both teams played by catching many scores in such the limited time so that they play as like with no strategy. However, Lakers can handle the game because the result of the final score for the game is 111 for Lakers and 107 for Nuggets. From the match, Bryan provided the great points about 31. From the match, Lakers can improve the score since in the previous match, they experienced defeat.


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